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Re: Idän ihmeet 2010, Mansocamping Ikaalinen 6-8.8.

Lähetetty: 21 Heinä 2010 13:39
Kirjoittaja adamus
Mortus kirjoitti:Hi!

I´m also coming to Idän Ihmeet, probably with my Polonez CEx and some trailer (if I can get a one somewhere). My friend is coming on saturday with my "white CE". Maybe I´ll come to Lada-Farmi before that happening.

Adamus, do you have in Poland any documents about the differences between Polonez 1.5 and Polonez 2.0 (Fiat engine). I´m trying to modify my CE to OBRSO-replica in the future and the inspection engineers in Finland need some documents that there have been some factory-made models of Polonez with 132/Mirafiori engine. And they want to know is there any differences in the brakes, etc. I will be glad to get some "official information"..

I´m asking another favour too. If there´s available any sealant for windscreen (polonez, 1987/88 -Borewicz), it would be wonderful if I could buy a one. Or two :)


Hi - it would be great to meet you!
Yes I have factory short repair guide about FSO Polonez 2000. It was issued in 1979 by FSO. I will bring you the scan of it. I also have homologation document scan for rallye version of Polonez 2000.
The standard Polonez 2000 had the same brakes as 1500. In the 1979-1983 period the DOHC Fiat engine was paired with Fiat 132 5-speed gear box. Since 1983 the Polish gear box was used instead (a little bit another gear ratios). The final drive ratio was the same 41:10.
In 1987 the car was renamed to FSO Polonez 2.0 SLE, and was built with Fiat engine till 1989. I have such a car, but not running yet.

The sealant for windscreen you mean the black gum part? - that would be very hard to find it, it was changed in 1995 for new one-piece part. But I will ask for it.


Re: Idän ihmeet 2010, Mansocamping Ikaalinen 6-8.8.

Lähetetty: 31 Heinä 2010 23:27
Kirjoittaja adamus
preparation for my Finland trip went to the final stage. I start on Monday. On the 6th of August in 12:00 I plan to be in Janakkala to meet you :)
I have bought:
- distributor inductive coil
- wiring between distributor and the electronic ignition unit (better known as "the green cabel")
- inductive coil
- ignition switch cable with 4 pins
The windscreen sealant was not available at all.

I hope to see you soon :)

Re: Idän ihmeet 2010, Mansocamping Ikaalinen 6-8.8.

Lähetetty: 02 Elo 2010 00:33
Kirjoittaja Mortus

I quess, I´m joining to your company at Tampere. I start my holiday tomorrow and I´ll take a little trip to eastern finland, so i have to use my thursday-friday night with polonez. It´s "a project", but maybe some white rust protection paint is okay...

Adamus, would it be possible to buy some bottles of Zubrowka for us? Lada-Jussi was interested in it, and I`d like to have a one (or two) too :) If you have enough free space in Polonez :)?

Thank you for asking the window sealant. I have to manage with the old one...

Nice to see you!


Re: Idän ihmeet 2010, Mansocamping Ikaalinen 6-8.8.

Lähetetty: 11 Elo 2010 14:03
Kirjoittaja FSO-Ossi
Idän ihmeet onnistuivat mielestäni erittäin hyvin, FSO-klubi ylitti odotukset niin autojen määrässä (4), "osaston" suosiossa (jatkuvasti klubiin kuulumattomiakin nautti seurastamme) ja tarjoilujen tasossa (kuohuviiniä ja juustoja ;) ). Tästä on hyvä jatkaa! :)

Re: Idän ihmeet 2010, Mansocamping Ikaalinen 6-8.8.

Lähetetty: 12 Elo 2010 17:28
Kirjoittaja FSO-Ossi
Tulin ottaneeksi vähänlaisesti kuvia tapahtumasta. Toivoisin, että voisitte lähettää tai linkittää kuvianne, erityisesti jos sallitte, että käytän niitä FSO-viestin seuraavassa painoksessa.

adamus: Could you please send/link me the pictures you took in Idän Ihmeet? I have very few pictures of Idän ihmeet myself. Is it possible to use some of your pictures in FSO-viesti newsletter?

Re: Idän ihmeet 2010, Mansocamping Ikaalinen 6-8.8.

Lähetetty: 13 Elo 2010 00:31
Kirjoittaja adamus
We have come home safely yesterday in the evening. The Polonez and my wife have done good job :)
I am sorry I didn't read the post about Zubrowka before I left Poland. When Ossi is in Poland I will equip him with requested number of bottles :)

Here is the link to my pictures from the trip to Finland - you can use it as you like
Link to my pictures

Thank you very much for your kind reception and possibility to see your marvelous cars :)


Re: Idän ihmeet 2010, Mansocamping Ikaalinen 6-8.8.

Lähetetty: 26 Elo 2011 12:54
Kirjoittaja adamus
Were the FSO stand present on Idän ihmeet 2011? Do you have any pictures of this year event?


Re: Idän ihmeet 2010, Mansocamping Ikaalinen 6-8.8.

Lähetetty: 28 Elo 2011 20:35
Kirjoittaja FSO-Ossi
Yes, unfortunately our attendance were quite limited. Almost ten members were present, with none FSO-cars. Even I had to travel there with Jussi's Samara due to broken gas pedal wire. I can't believe that luck, 1.6 SLE has been working perfectly whole summer but at the morning of Idän ihmeet - even before starting the engine - the wire broke. :oops:

The leader of Lada kerho took a picture of the members of FSO-klubi: ... 142&pos=49

And here is some pictures took by one of our "hangaround members". ... danIhmeet#

Re: Idän ihmeet 2010, Mansocamping Ikaalinen 6-8.8.

Lähetetty: 29 Elo 2011 13:41
Kirjoittaja adamus
That is very sad no FSO stand was present this year. I hope it will change next year :)
I think you should come next year to Poland with your FSOs to our national meeting in mid August :) This year we had FSO owners from Hungary and Germany - here the link ... SOAKTorun#